Creative Studio Based in Prague

BADKID™ isn’t just a studio or agency; it’s a powerhouse of creative minds dedicated to shaping visual identities and brand design. Our work is our passion, and our projects are our legacy.

In our studio, we embrace the boldness to change the world through design that’s exceptional, innovative, and unmistakable. Collaborating with our clients, we craft stories and build strong brands.

Our Philosophy: Vision, Creativity, and Determination

Our philosophy centers around uniting vision, creativity, and determination. We believe that a robust brand is the result of the courage to be unique. Our clients drive us forward, challenging established norms in the game.

Our All-Star Team

Meet our All-Star Team! We take immense pride in introducing a group of passionate and creative visionaries who form the core of our agency, Studio BADKID™. Our team members aren’t just employees; they are visionaries, designers, and creators who merge vision with courage.

Each of our team members is a unique puzzle piece in our creative family. We are dedicated to ensuring that every project leaving our studio is the product of collaboration and passion. Our creativity flows through every idea, every design, and every project we work on.

While our portfolio speaks for itself, it’s our faces that truly make our agency exceptional. Come and meet the individuals behind our unique brand designs and the innovators who redefine the rules of the game. Allow us to introduce you to our All-Star Team.

Pajita Panzner


Adam Hölzl

Head of Studio

Zbyněk Šlosar


Ralitsa Stoycova

Graphic Designer

Rashaun Ali

Sound Engineer / Producer

Emily Sterling

Editor and Copywriter

Luis Martin




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