Rebirth of the legendary Prague afterparty spot in Rybna 16.

Introducing the bold newcomer to Prague’s club scene – ONYX! We embarked on a remarkable journey, breathing life into the legendary Rybná 16 venue, once synonymous with the Atelier Club. Armed with a daring vision and a splash of electrifying neon blue, we set out to craft a brand-new identity that boldly embodies the essence of a futuristic, avant-garde club.

Our mission was clear: to not only make a striking visual statement but also to dominate a fiercely competitive landscape in the heart of Prague’s nightlife. All the while, we aimed to seamlessly synchronize with ONYX’s diverse musical repertoire. Step into ONYX, where the future of nightlife converges with the exhilarating neon present, promising an unforgettable experience!


A view of the inside of the club.

The interior of the club fits perfectly with the proposed identity. You will be surprised, for example, by the tables with LED backlit logos or the layout of the space that allows visitors to be both in front of and behind the DJ in the classic Boiler Room way.

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Behold the Unveiling of ONYX’s Dynamic Identity, Radiating Vibrancy. Experience the Fusion of Futurism and Neon in ONYX’s Iconic Logo.

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See ONYX’s Logo Come to Life in Various Real-World Scenarios. Experience ONYX’s Logo in Different Contexts, Adapting to the Beat.

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Discover ONYX’s Unforgettable ‘O,’ a Melodic Emblem of the Night. Unravel the Story Behind ONYX’s Striking ‘O,’ a Symbol of Sonic Innovation.

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present."

Eleanor Roosevel
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